Hannah's Graphics




Hi there! Welcome to bananahrr's graphics. :) My name is Hannah, and I've been making graphics for about a year now (with breaks during the school year). I've improved a lot and it's been really fun to make them! I use Pixlr, PicMonkey, and occasionally some other sites to make my graphics.



  • General types: Signatures, banners/headers, Facebook Timeline, iPod touch screen, etc.
  • I can also make prize buttons/graphics, circle graphics, and clickable signatures.
  • *Note: I only make non-Taylor graphics if I am familiar with the person (Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, etc.).
  • I do not make word graphics or animations.



    • Signatures: 500 x 200, avatars: 300 x 300, banners/headers: 600-700 x 200 (credit to TanyaxOh for this one).
    •  I do not know what the sizes are for types of graphics other than those, so please let me know.
    • *Note: These are just the standard sizes. If you would like it bigger or smaller, please let me know.



      • Please make sure the picture is HD (a good place to find HD pictures is at www.taylorpictures.net).
      • Please make sure the picture is not copyrighted.
      • I recommend 3-4 at the most.
      • *Note: I do not do gifs (yet ;-)).



        • You can include the color of your text, though typically, the graphic doesn't look as good with a bunch of random colors.
        • I do not do requests for fonts. :( However, you can tell me the type of font you want (business, Times New Roman like, cursivey, etc.).
        • *Note: Please do not request graphics with cuss words (because Taylor has some songs with swearing), taking the Lord's name in vain, or anything inappropriate. Sorry if this sounds too strict, but I'd like to respect my religion. :)


          Extras: Certain color scheme? Textures? Details? Corners? Just let me know, and I'll see if I can make it work! :)


          1) Please follow the procedures listed above.

          2) Don't hesitate to tell me if you want your graphic changed!

          3) If my shop is open, it does not mean that your graphic will get to you right away. It could take up to several days. If I'm really busy, especially with school, I may only be open on the weekends. Please also understand that sometimes I am not able to get to a computer!

          4) In the examples, if there is a star next to the title of the graphic, it means it is currently being used, or it is someone else's request, and that you may not use it. If you have requested something and you are done using it, please let me know if others are allowed to use it! :) *Note: I use these graphics in contests. If you request something, and you don't want it to be used in a contest, please let me know.

          5) Ask before you use a graphic.

          6) Please use your graphics for at least a week.

          7) Always credit (bananahrr)!

          Taylor Connect: You can request at bananahrr's graphics! I would be happy to take your request. Remember to follow the rules and procedures! If you are not able to request on bananahrr's graphic thread for some reason, you may always request here!

          Public: If you are on another forum, I may still be able to take your request! Just shoot me a message with your request form and I'll see what I can do. Please note that if you request on here, I will not finish your graphic as quickly as the Taylor Connect ones.